Website Design Website Build

Keep it simple! We believe that websites need to look clean and sharp to deliver what you need to present to your audience. Make it too fussy, complex and clever, you not only increase your costs, but you confuse your audience as well as the search engines, such as Google.

The Architect

Think of a website designer as the architect who designs your house, or the fashion designer creating a new luxury must have item.

At GoodLife Solutions, using our years of technical, marketing and psychology experience, we listen to what you want and craft a website that gives your clients and customers an experience which keeps their attention and sells your business and products.

It is not just your customers that are important, your website needs to be found on the World Wide Web.  So we design a site that is search engine friendly too!  Not just you and your clients, but Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is at the forefront when we are creating the vision for your new website.

The Builder

At GoodLife Solutions we are all qualified computing and business specialists with applied Sales, Finance, Marketing and Supply Chain experience.  Our proven business experience allows us to build a website for you and your business that not only reflects your aspirations but adds and creates value.

We believe that you do not find this unique blend of expertise and experience with many other website companies.

Not sure?  Talk to us and make your mind up!

The Home

Once your website has been built, it needs to be on a computer (server) so that it can be seen on the Internet.  Your website needs a home!

We like to provide that home and host the websites we create.  This ensures that we can be certain that they are secure and perform how they should.

The Owner

A website does not automatically bring in business.  It is your shop front, your marketing pamphlet and your business card.

As the owner, you need to continually market your website.  If you had a shop (or you may have already) you will continually update your shop window to ensure that it brings customers through the door.

In website terms this is optimising your website for search engines, or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

At GoodLife Solutions, we give you the capability to maintain your website or, if you prefer, you can ask us and we will do it for you ........ it is your website ....... it is your business ..... it is your decision.

The Directory and Map

Your website is created, and it has a home.  You now need to get it on the internet "map" and in the  "directory".  Your website needs to be found by the Search Engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

GoodLife Solutions always build websites with Search Engine Optimisation in mind (search engine friendly).  If you are managing your own site, we give you tools and guidance to ensure your site remains search engine friendly.

If you host your site with GoodLife Solutions, we continually monitor your site and can provide insights into search engine performance.  We can easily provide further analysis and tools to improve the chance of your website being found on the world wide web.