Website Certificate Annual Subscription

A website certificate uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a standard website security certification for establishing an encrypted link between an individuals web browser and a website.  When installed it activates the padlock (and https) in the  browser.

This ensures that all information going between the individual looking at the website, and the website is encrypted and secure.  In turn this means that the information being passed backward and forwards from and to the individual remains private.  This is particularly important when entering personal details.  The privacy prevents details from being stolen.

A website certificate gives everyone using your site the confidence that their data is secure.  It also tells your website visitors that you take security & privacy seriously.

Website certificates are a subscription based service paid annually.  Payment maybe made securely from our website using Direct Debit, Credit or Debit card.

Available to existing clients only.

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A website certificate enables SSL or HTTPS  (SSL/TLS) on your website, you need to get a digital certificate (a type of file) from a Certificate Authority (CA).

A SSL digital certificate on your website, lets your customers know that their data is safe.  Not only is a certificate a good indication to your customers that your data is safe, but Google gives websites with a digital certificate a greater boost up search rankings than those without.

By securing your site, your visitors and customers will know it is a website and business they can depend on.


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