Your Online Shop | E-commerce

World Wide Shopping

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular.  An online shop or e-commerce solution is in your grasp.

Your E-commerce solution

Our solution will enable you to add products, manage stock and the life cycle of your orders.

It also provides:

  • Trading on-line, you will need terms and conditions.  If your business allows we supply a standard set of terms and conditions which meet your legal requirements.
  • A selection of payment gateways.  Keep it simple with bank transfers, and/or paypal, and/or visa.  We can give you a guidance and recommend the best solutions for you;
  • Management of VAT.  To start with you may not be big enough to charge VAT, but once you get going this can easily be switched on, and prices shown with or without VAT.  VAT then being shown as necessary on any invoices.
  • Delivery charges (if you decide to include delivery) and international shipments.  Delivery charges can be configured as you require so that these are all automatically dealt with.
  • Email to your customers are automatically sent keeping them informed of their order progress.
  • Delivery documents and invoices for every on-line order can automatically be generated.
  • Tracking and reporting on your orders is summarised, so you can understand current and historic order patterns.  

Need a shop assistant?

Don't always have the time to run an online shop?

As the shop manager you will have full access to your shop and able to perform day to day management and changes.  For example, upload new products, or changes prices.

But, if you need help, GoodLife Solutions can assist.  Whether its a one off, or agreed regular assistance, we can do all or some of the management activities.  For example:

  • Load and maintain products
  • Manage stock levels
  • Manage shipping rates
  • Track orders

Talk to us about your needs.

Search Engine Friendly

Your shop will be search engine friendly, so people are able to find your products on line.  In the competitive world wide web market place, should you choose GoodLife Solutions, we can use additional tools to enhance the opportunities of your shop being ranked higher in Google.

Automatically connect your online shop to other online marketplaces

We can automatically connect your online shop to other marketplaces such as eBay and/or Amazon.  This increases your presence on the internet with the potential of an uplift in sales.  This is a one off set-up.  Anything you add to your online shop is automatically posted through to eBay or Amazon market place.  It does not require you to maintain products in many places.

Connect with existing systems

If you have an existing shop with a stock management system or EPOS system, we can connect your system to your online shop, so that stock levels and pricing can be maintained.