Chip and Pin Credit and Debit Card Reader


You can easily accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, Maestro & many other credit and debit cards!

Credit & Debit Card Reader

The iZettle chip and pin card reader is suitable for a wide range of businesses.  It works in customers homes (trades people), if you have no fixed premises (market stalls, mobile food sales) and businesses on the move (taxi firms) Any, small businesses that would like to take card payments!

Money paid directly into your account

With payments taken on your iZettle Chip & Pin card reader, your money is your account in 3 working days after the transaction has been made.

Transaction fees based on your monthly sales

Being a contactless as well as a card chip & pin device, the iZettle’s  allows customers to pay using Apple, Android and Samsung Pay too!  Get paid having done the job, service or when the customer buys their goods!

Take Payments Anywhere

You can take payments on the go using iZettle’ s “Contactless” mobile reader.  Connecting via your any smartphones and tablets that has a Bluetooth or Internet connections.  Wi-Fi or 3G (or better) coverage is needed.

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What does it Cost?

The iZettle Chip & Pin Card reader has a one off set up cost when you buy the device.  Pay as you Go, so there are no long term contracts or fixed fees to worry.  buy through our website and get the latest special offer here!

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Transaction fees based on your monthly sales

The more you sell, the less you pay. The standard fee of 2.75% per card reader transaction fee reduces dependent upon the monthly value of transactions.

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Need Help?

We offer a service to assist in setting up your iZettle.  If you need help or assistance, or want to find out more about how the iZettle Chip and Pin Card Reader can help your business, please contact us.

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